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Complex Problem Solving


Price: R 250.00

Complex Problem Solving

(Future Skills)

Author: People Solutions

Price: R 250.00

Learn how to solve complex problems in the workplace

What you will learn:

  • Complex problem solving terminology
  • Types of problems
  • Problem solving steps
  • Effective problem solver
  • Effective problem solving
  • Problem solving in the workplace


In this course, we will explore the Seven-Step Problem-Solving method as used in the workplace environment or for life in general. Problem-solving is an important skill to develop and forms part of the development identified for future skilling.

Course objectives:
  • Explain the definitions and terminology associated with complex problem solving.

Course objectives:
  • Define and explain the types of problems.

Course objectives:
  • Identify types of problem solving steps or processes.

Course objectives:
  • Define the characteristics of an effective problem solver.

Course objectives:
  • Exploring the steps to practical problem solving.

Course objectives:
  • Understand the problem solving steps to apply to the workplace.