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Personal Profile and Branding


Price: R 250.00

Personal Profile and Branding

(Work Readiness)

Author: People Solutions

Price: R 250.00

Personal branding is the exercise of selling yourself by marketing your knowledge skills to potential employers. It is a continuous process of developing and maintaining your reputation and the impression you make on others.

What you will learn:

  • Personal branding and social media profile
  • Job searching
  • Using employment agencies
  • CV creation
  • Practising for a job interview


An identified need to learn how to look for work, create your cv and prepare for a job interview.

Course objectives:
  • Learn how to brand yourself and develop a social media profile.

Course objectives:
  • Understand how to perform Job searches online and offline.

Course objectives:
  • Explore ways to use employment agencies effectively.

Course objectives:
  • Learn how to create your CV.

Course objectives:
  • Understand how to find a potential employer

Course objectives:
  • Prepare and practice for an interview.