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Price: R 250.00


(Financial Literacy)

Author: Futureskills.Africa

Price: R 250.00

Learn why saving is important and how to start saving.

What you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to save and how to make savings a habit in your everyday life
  • When to start saving and get past the obstacles we often face
  • How to save towards retirement, emergencies and financial goals
  • How to create a savings masterplan that will help you master your finances
  • How to create savings goals and make it part of your everyday life
  • What savings products are out there and how to determine which one suits your needs


We often get told that saving is important. But do you know why it’s important or even how to start saving? In this course you will learn: Why it’s important to save, when to start saving, what to save for, and how to create a savings masterplan.